Terms & Conditions
Terms & Conditions 1
The per day charges are applicable for 24 hours from the time of bike handover to customer and the time when the customer returns the bike back to the bike point from where it was collected.
Terms & Conditions 2
The per day charges are applicable for 100 Kms only. Beyond that the customer has to pay Rs 3/ Km for every additional km.
Terms & Conditions 3
Driver Bata is from 9AM to 7PM and if the driver continues to drive further another one from 7PM to 9AM is applicable
Terms & Conditions 4
A grace period of 2 hours is given to return the vehicle. Beyond that per day charges are payable by the customer.
Terms & Conditions 5
Incase the customer wants the bike to be handed over before start of the ride or wants to return the bike at a different location from the bike point, then a convenience fees of Rs 100 will be charged
Terms & Conditions 6
Original govt ID proof (PAN or Aadhar) to be submitted along with Rs .1500/- refundable deposit at the Bike point.
Terms & Conditions 7
One helmet will be provided and in case of pillion rider another unit will be provided at the Bike point .
Terms & Conditions 8
All Bank Account transactions have to be done in company name only any customer indulging with any individuals then company is not responsible at all . Prefer online transactions only through PayU Mon
Terms & Conditions 9
The rider / customer has to pay for the damages incurred during the ride including major body parts damage , theft other any other type of mutilation
Terms & Conditions 10
All Toll , interstate charges pertaining to travel between multiple cities , states will be borne by the customers and TakeMe will not be responsible .
Terms & Conditions 11
ST extra or any tax related to service and will be debited from deposit if not paid seperately
Terms & Conditions 12
Cancellation fee of Rs 500 for car and Rs 300 for Bike will be applicable post booking confirmation generation for customer
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